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"We were very impressed one of the best and we have seen several since we travel so much. The maid was very good."

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A Few Things to Consider

We want your stay to be as pleasant, comfortable and stress free as possible. Actually we want the same for all our guests.

While we could’ve done a full blown list of don’ts and do’s, we think that the Golden Rule says it better than anything we could’ve come up with.


That said, there are a few specific things that bear bringing to your attention, simply because these are things that may not be immediately obvious to most people unless they happen to be the ones having to endure the inconvenience.

Its probably is no surprise to anyone (or at least it shouldn’t be) that everyone appreciates (and wants) a fresh, clean smelling room. Presumably, this goes for smokers too. Unfortunately, we find that some smokers will ask for a non-smoking room and then proceed to smoke in that room, thus ruining that room for future guests who are not smokers.

Why such people are so inconsiderate is beyond us.

We would like to request those guests who are smokers, who have asked for and were given a non-smoking room to PLEASE, PLEASE, give some consideration to both the next person who spends a night in that room, and to us as well.
We have to go to great lengths (and expense) to try and “rescue” a non-smoking room after someone has smoked in it, and unfortunately, once the dirty deed id done, it’s never quite the same again.

We can’t say it enough:

(not just here, but in any hotel)

Then there are the noisy ones:

There is nothing more annoying than to be in a first floor room, and have to endure the thump–thump-thump of children (or grown ups for that matter) bouncing around in the room above.

So please, if you have kids or adults who for whatever reason can’t stand being adult, ask them to step lightly and put off their Jurassic Park T-Rex impersonation until…. well, forever or for at least for a night or two anyway.

Speaking of animals from the Jurassic, there is a pet peeve that we just can’t help mention… (you did get the hint above right?)

We want to keep this inn pet friendly. We’ve set aside 6 rooms for those of our guests who travel with their pets. We appreciate that you folks love your pets and care for them so deeply.

However there are some folks who love and appreciate animals just as much as you do, but aren’t too thrilled about the idea of sleeping in a room where a dog or cat might have been in. As it turns out these people are the majority of hotel guests.

Need it be said? Don’t sneak your pets into your room, especially if its not one of our pet rooms. We just don’t take too kindly to this.

In addition, please do not leave your pet (especially dogs) alone in the room for any length of time. Dogs being what they are, will bark at the slightest sound or sight and we just have a real problem with guests being so inconsiderate as to leave their dog/s in the room, barking their tails off and keeping the neighbors up, while the owners are out and about.

Phew!! That’s it for the preachy stuff.

We hope that your stay at the Magnolia Inn will be a great one and that you will give us a thumbs up when telling your acquaintances and friends about us!

One last thing: If you’ve forgotten to bring along something like a toothbrush or razor etc, don’t worry, we have some items available at the desk.

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